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Audio Control C22 Octave Equalizer

Audio Control C22 Octave EQ: 18db HP, 200hz summing, tape EQ & mon,. 1 slider noisy.
€114,92 €87,72

Audio Technica 18" AT838G Gooseneck Mic

18" Audio Technica AT838G Dynamic Gooseneck, Great Talkback or Lectern mic Cardioid pattern.

Audio Technica AT803b condensor lavalier microphone

Audio Technica AT803b condensor lavaliers with beltpack.  Locut filter, battery or phantom power. Small cross section, high output, excellent response.  Used, very good condition.
€87,72 €67,32

Audio Technica AT822 Stereo Microphone

Audio Technica Stereo AT822 is ideal for DAT recording, TV Production and field recordings.

Audio Technica ATM41a

Excellent Handheld Cardioid Dynamic for vocals. Very Clean.

AudioArts Engineering Model 4100 Parametric Equalizer

4 Band Parametric EQ with Balanced I/O, Overlapping bands with very flexible Q and Depth controls.

Autopatch 1YDM, 12x4 Video/Audio Matrix Switcher

This is a 2RU frame, with BNC Inputs and Outputs, in, 4 outs, with balanced stereo audio on Phoenix connectors.
€121,72 €80,92

AutoPatch Distribution Matrix, 12 x 12 Balanced

This is a balanced audio distribution matrix switcher, loaded with 6 audio cards.
€87,72 €67,32

Avid Digidesign 888 Audio I/O, Model MH068-AV

Very clean Digidesign 8 channel Audio interface for Protools or Avid NLE setups.

BBE Maxie Model 462 Sonic maximizer

BBE Maxie Model 462 Sonic maximizer, similar to the Aphex Aural Exciter, Lo Contour and Process controls, has paralleled 1/4" and RCA jacks, 1 rack unit, Good condition, Note deep scratch over Channel 1 LED display.
€87,72 €67,32

BBE Model 411 Sonic maximizer sn H01177

BBE Maxie Model 411 Sonic maximizer, Lo Contour and Process controls, has 1/4" I/Os, 1 RU, VVG condition.

BBE Model 411 Sonic maximizer sn H03148

BBE Maxie Model 411 Sonic maximizer, Lo Contour and Process controls, has 1/4" I/Os, 1 RU, VG condition. Instrument Input not working.

Behringer MDX 2100 composer

Behringer MDX 2100 composer. 2 channel compresser/limiter, with separate peak limiting, with expander. LED displays, slave function. Good condition.
€67,32 €53,72

Belden 8 Channel 8774 Balanced Audio

Belden 8 Channel 8774, blunt to XLR Female, 20' length. Good condition.

Beyerdynamic MC 834 N (C) PV NOS

Beyerdynamic MC 834 studio condenser microphone, new old stock.

Biamp MicroEQ 152, Stereo Graphic EQ

Dual 15 Band Graphic with variable Master Gain controls, Peak Meters and More--All in a single Rack space. Great piece for DJ racks and portable systems.

Biamp Precedence CMA30 Mixer Amplifier

A versatile 6 input powered rackmount mixer for all types of installations. Very Good condition.

Blank Patch Panels Audio Accessories 20 position RGB

Audio Accessories RGB Video panels with 20 RGB positions (60 ports) on a 2RU panel.

Blank Patch Panels Audio Accessories 48 position

48 position Audio Accessories 2 RU blank patch panel.
Van €6,80

Blank Patch Panels Bittree 20 RGB position

Bittree RGB Video panels with 20 RGB positions (60 ports) on a 2RU panel.
Van €7,81

Blank Patch Panels Trompeter 20 Position

Trompeter 20 position 1RU blank patch panel.

Blank Patch Panels Trompeter 40 Position

Trompeter 40 position 2RU JSI-40 blank patch panel.

Blank Patch Panels Trompeter 52 Position

TEI JSI-52, 52 position 2 RU blank patch panel. Good condition.
Van €8,81

Bogen CT-100 powered mixer

Bogen Acousta-Master CT-100 powered mixer, Older Silver faced version,70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 5 band EQ, compressor, 2 AUX inputs, a real workhorse, Good cond.
€94,52 €80,92

Bogen CT-100C Powered Mixer

Bogen CT-100C powered mixer, 70 volt & 8 ohm outputs, 10 band EQ, compressor, 6 mic, 2 AUX inputs, Later Black faced model of an industry workhorse, VG cond.

Bogen CT-60B

Bogen CT60B, 60-watt PA amplifier with 4 mic inputs, 2 aux inputs, 10-band EQ, 8 ohm and 70-volt outputs, excellent condition. A later black face version of Bogen's old workhorse with Phantom power.
€119,00 €108,12

Boss SE50 Stereo EFX Processor

Vintage Boss SE50 Stereo EFX processor, MIDI I/O, great effects, Good condition with power supply,1/2 rack.

Canare SDI Video Patch Bay: DVJ-W, DVJ-S Jacks

Canare 48 position video patch panel filled with DVJ-W/DVJ-S Weco Jacks.
€80,92 €67,32

Celestion G12-65 12", 16Ω speaker

Celestion 12" guitar speaker, older version, fair condition, with some defects to the cone. Tested in a ported cabinet. Please see description.

Clearcom 1012 Audio Moniter (Wohler AMP1A)

Clearcom model 1012 Audio Monitor, single rack space, stereo audio monitor w/bal inputs. Similar to Wohler AMP1A
€223,72 €182,92

Countryman Associates Inc. Type 85 Direct Box

A Vintage Type 85. For Studio and live use, an excellent sounding Direct Box with balanced Mic Level output.

Crestron ST-VC Remote Level & EQ

Crestron ST-VC is a digitally controlled 3-channel audio attenuator. Balanced I/Os, ±12db @ 100HZ and 10KHZ.
Van €26,52

Crown D75 Power Amps

The Ubiquitous choice of the uncompromising engineer; reliable, easy on the eye, solid performance. Several available. All are very clean.

Crown SMX6 IQ system

The SMX-6 is a single rack space six by two automatic mixer designed to be configured with a computer and appropriate software.
€509,32 €336,60

DBX 157 Stereo Noise Reduction

DBX 157 stereo encode/decode, works with stereo recorders or dbx encoded discs. dbx is an excellent noise reduction system.
€101,32 €80,92

dbx 160A Limiter/Compressors; sn001586, 589

These units are in VVVG condition, one owner, installed in 2003. Please note the price is per Unit.
Van €142,12

DBX 160x Limiter, sn: U1602486

dbx 160X Limiter, Fair Condition, With TRS & terminal strip I/Os. Earlier version manufactured in Japan.

DBX 165 Compressor/Limiter

DBX165 compressor/limiters sn 1300,1698. Just out of storage. VG cosmetic, bal I/O, Classic, great sounding.
Bel voor prijsopgave

DBX 166 Compressor/Limiter

Good condition. Separate detector input enables an outboard processor to control compression or gating. Stereo or dual-mono operation of gating and compression, with hardwire bypass for each channel.
€155,72 €128,52

DBX 900 Frame with 903, 904 and 905 modules

dbx 900A series frame with 6 903 limiters, 2 905 EQ modules, 1 904 Noise gate and power supply. Sold as is, please read full description.
Bel voor prijsopgave

DBX II Model 142

DBX II Model 142 Broadcast Noise Reduction System, balanced I/O. Stereo, 2 RU, Encode/Decode/Bypass for tape, disc. Cinch Jones I/O connector, Very Good condition.

DBX NX40 Noise Eliminator

DBX NX40 typeII noise eliminator, half rack

Digidesign 888-24 Bit I/O Interface

Digidesign digital interface for 24-bit recording, editing, AD and DA signal conversion.

Digidesign MIDI I/O Interface

10x10 Channel Digidesign Midi I/O Interface

Digital Music MX-8 Midi Patch Bay

This is an 6x8 Midi Router and processor. A favorite of anyone who has ever owned one. Great for Live use.

Digitech Studio Quad V2 4x4 Multi-Effects Processor

Digitech Studio Quad V2 4x4 Multi Effects Processor (cat=effects) untested, missing power supply
€148,92 €101,32

Electret Mike Philmore CM-55

Electret Mike Philmore CM-55 bantam-sized microphone with flat frequency response high fidelity sound reproduction.

EMU Proteus 1 sound module

EMU Proteus 1 sound module, good condition. 16 Bit multi-timbral digital sound module

Ensoniq EPS M Vintage Synth Rack Sampler Module

Listed as a 13 Bit Sampler, this is a late 1980's Rack version of the Keyboard. VVG condition with 1 small defect. Complete with Large Library of Floppies and manual.
Bel voor prijsopgave

EV 649B Dynamic Lavalier Microphone

EV 649 Dynamic Lavalier microphone, necklace style, working condition, with neck loops & balanced XLR mic cables.
€53,72 €38,76