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AFA Model VU-1S Analog Meter assembly

Balanced Stereo meters mounted in a 2 RU Anodized Aluminum case. Good condition.

Altec 1561A Preamplifier package.

Six Altec Tube 1561 Tube preamplifiers mounted on a 3 RU panel. Original Vintage Altec Green.
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B&B Systems MP-4 Record Meter assembly: sn40215

Four VU meters mounted in a 2 RU Black Anodized Aluminum case. Balanced inputs. Good condition.

Chicago Transformer Company P-4096 Filament Transformer

A 107/117 Volt power transformer with 10Volt, 5 Amp center tapped secondary, by Stancor (Standard Transformer Co.)

Expert Electronics EE-T1 Input Transformer

Audio input transformer, Mu-Metal Shielded case, Manufacturer Unknown. From Bud Pressner's Gary IN studios. See Photo #4 for windings and Ω information.
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GE Luckiesh-Taylor Brightness Meter

A vintage General Electric Brightness meter with leather case and plug-in sensor. Very good condition.

General Radio W10MT3 Autotransformer (Variac)

Infinitely variable 120 Volt AC Supply, 10 Amp Capacity, Good condition.

Howland West CIS-4000 Headphones

Vintage 70s QUADROPHONIC headphones,Excellent condition.
€114.92 €94.52

Koss K-6 Headphones

Vintage 70s headphones, in funky Earth Tone styling! Excellent NIB condition.

LPB Signature III Radio Console

LPB Model S-21 10 input Broadcast console in very good condition.
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Pioneer SE-505 Stereo Headphones, 2/2

Vintage late 70s big muff headphones, with volume and tone controls. Missing volume control knobs, otherwise in Very Good condition.

Tascam M-106 mixer, 6x4, with Phono Preamps

Vintage Tascam M-106 6x4 mixer, mic and line inputs, direct outs, 2 stereo phono preamps, analog meters, inserts, buss outputs, monitor outs. Very Good condition.

Tech Lab LA.831.5.C Stepped Attenuators, sn8704.

Tech Lab (Daven) 45 db Precision Attenuators {30 steps of 1.5db}. Removed from a console, all in good condition.
From €44.20

Triad HS-8 Input Transformer, NIB

A NOS Triad multi-tap input transformer. In original box.

UTC CVM-1 Modulation Transformer

A sealed and potted Modulation transformer, Fair condition, used.

UTC H-94 Power Supply transformer

A USED UTC H-94 with 120 Volt primary. Fair condition.

ALTEC 9073A Graphic EQ plus Fairchild 661TL

Two hard to find pieces in a vintage 60's rackmount package. On Consignment, please call for purchasing details.
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AMPEX Model SA-10 Monitor Speaker

Vintage 1960 Ampex monitor speaker with rack mount flanges. Ampex Catalog 96980-10.

EV 649B Dynamic Lavalier Microphone

EV 649 Dynamic Lavalier microphone, necklace style, working condition, with neck loops & balanced XLR mic cables.
€53.72 €38.76

EV RE85 Dynamic lavalier microphone

EV RE85 Dynamic lavalier microphones, necklace style, working condition
€53.72 €33.32

Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case.
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MicMix Audio MasterRoom XL-305 Reverb

A Vintage Dual Channel Analog Reverb unit with 4 band EQ on each channel. A great addition to your digital studio outboard rack.

RCA MI-2989, 6 Inch Mid Frequency Driver

RCA MI-2989, Mid Range Driver, with massive magnet structure totaling 12 pounds!

Sony C-78 Condensor Shotgun Microphone

Sony C-78 Condensor Shotgun Microphone. 3 position roll off switch, Phantom Power, Cosmetic condition good. XLR Lock. Battery contacts are excellent. Slight background noise in Phantom Mode..
€298.52 €237.32

Sony ECM 16 Lavalier Microphone

An unused Sony Lapel Mic from the early 1980s. This is what passed for a compact mic back then.