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AFA Model VU-1S Analog Meter assembly

Balanced Stereo meters mounted in a 2 RU Anodized Aluminum case. Good condition.

Altec 1561A Preamplifier package.

Six Altec Tube 1561 Tube preamplifiers mounted on a 3 RU panel. Original Vintage Altec Green.
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B&B Systems MP-4 Record Meter assembly: sn40215

Four VU meters mounted in a 2 RU Black Anodized Aluminum case. Balanced inputs. Good condition.

Chicago Transformer Company P-4096 Filament Transformer

A 107/117 Volt power transformer with 10Volt, 5 Amp center tapped secondary, by Stancor (Standard Transformer Co.)

Expert Electronics EE-T1 Input Transformer

Audio input transformer, Mu-Metal Shielded case, Manufacturer Unknown. From Bud Pressner's Gary IN studios. See Photo #4 for windings and Ω information.
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GE Luckiesh-Taylor Brightness Meter

A vintage General Electric Brightness meter with leather case and plug-in sensor. Very good condition.

Howland West CIS-4000 Headphones

Vintage 70s QUADROPHONIC headphones,Excellent condition.
€114,92 €94,52

Koss K-6 Headphones

Vintage 70s headphones, in funky Earth Tone styling! Excellent NIB condition.

LPB Signature III Radio Console

LPB Model S-21 10 input Broadcast console in very good condition.
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Pioneer SE-505 Stereo Headphones, 2/2

Vintage late 70s big muff headphones, with volume and tone controls. Missing volume control knobs, otherwise in Very Good condition.

Tascam Porta One Ministudio 4Track Cassette sn770516

Vintage 1980s 4 track cassette recorder with dbx. Mix section works, transport does not. Excellent cosmetic and electronic condition. With case. AS IS.

Tech Lab LA.831.5.C Stepped Attenuators, sn8704.

Tech Lab (Daven) 45 db Precision Attenuators {30 steps of 1.5db}. Removed from a console, all in good condition.
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Triad HS-8 Input Transformer, NIB

A NOS Triad multi-tap input transformer. In original box.

UTC H-94 Power Supply transformer

A USED UTC H-94 with 120 Volt primary. Fair condition.

ALTEC 9073A Graphic EQ plus Fairchild 661TL

Two hard to find pieces in a vintage 60's rackmount package. No Longer available.
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AMPEX Model SA-10 Monitor Speaker

Vintage 1960 Ampex monitor speaker with rack mount flanges. Ampex Catalog 96980-10.

EV 649B Dynamic Lavalier Microphone

EV 649 Dynamic Lavalier microphone, necklace style, working condition, with neck loops & balanced XLR mic cables.
€53,72 €38,76

EV RE85 Dynamic lavalier microphone

EV RE85 Dynamic lavalier microphones, necklace style, working condition
€53,72 €33,32

Lawson L47MP Tube Microphone: sn551

A beautiful gold Lawson Tube microphone in Excellent condition. Complete with 2 Mogami extension cables and Pelican case.
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MicMix Audio MasterRoom XL-305 Reverb

A Vintage Dual Channel Analog Reverb unit with 4 band EQ on each channel. A great addition to your digital studio outboard rack.
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RCA MI-2989, 6 Inch Mid Frequency Driver

RCA MI-2989, Mid Range Driver, with massive magnet structure totaling 12 pounds!

Sony C-78 Condensor Shotgun Microphone

Sony C-78 Condensor Shotgun Microphone. 3 position roll off switch, Phantom Power, Cosmetic condition good. XLR Lock. Battery contacts are excellent. Slight background noise in Phantom Mode..
€298,52 €237,32

Sony ECM 16 Lavalier Microphone

An unused Sony Lapel Mic from the early 1980s. This is what passed for a compact mic back then.

Power Soak by Tom Sholz, Model II, (sn 82 1945)

A 1982 resistance method to run your guitar amp for optimum crunchiness. This is a one owner piece, still in the original packing. Excellent condition. Works exactly as designed.

Farfisa BT40 15" Combo Bass and Keyboard amp. sn A217/113

A solid cabinet, hand built with a simple 2 input amplifier and a Cast Frame 15" driver. Portions of the covering are torn, especially on the right rear edges. SOLD.
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